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29 January 2009 @ 19:03
the great ONTD break of 09  
To comemorate ONTD breaking livejournal I made some commemorative icons to celebrate.

4 ONTD commemorative icons
[2-4] The Great ONTD Break of 09

1 2 3 4

credit moustacherider though it's not necessary
Here's how
Textless icons can be bases if you want
Ecru ruegovthookers on 29th January 2009 15:21 (UTC)
Thanks, I'm snagging the third icon.
Firerose Arienfirerosearien on 29th January 2009 15:24 (UTC)
These are awesome.

(I googled ONTD breaks LJ and yours was the first to come up...)
The Supercalifragilistic Supernovakriziasupernova on 29th January 2009 16:58 (UTC)
taking for mourning purposes. thanks! :D
100% maybe.tribulation on 3rd February 2009 23:23 (UTC)
Will credit, thanks. :]